Buy with Nicole

Pricing Experience and Mortgage
  • Obtain a pre-approval from your bank or mortgage broker
  • Provide variety information of mortgage and lenders for any situation
Buyers' consultation
  • Introduce the buying process
  • Generate our strategy and time
Ideal home showing
  • Tailer-listing to save buyers' time
  • Preview and Virtual showing for buyers
  • Second and Third showing
  • Pre-inspection arranged
Offer and Negotiation
  • Professional advice and Guidance
  • Protect the buyer and maintain the maximum benefit
  • Direction for the next steps for lawyers, insurance, mortgage documents and keys
Moving in
  • Offer a free labour service for the locker change
  • Provide the first homeowner handbook

Sell with Nicole

Home preparation and Staging
  • Staging Consultation by a certified staging and Decorating Professional
  • Professional Cleaning by an expert cleaning company before professional photo for MLS
Marketing and Showing
  • Make a featured video for every home
  • Utilizes a 30-75 professional Photos of your House for use in all forms of marketing
  • Take a four-steps approach social media, blog, email, and personal touch to target markets
  • Make sure the presentable exterior
  • Offer a warm welcome and brighten things up
  • Cultivate an inviting atmosphere and pay attention to scents
Offer and Negotiation
  • Actual Market Value based on real comparable
  • Sell your house guaranteed
  • Make every possible effort to get a better price
Contract and Paperwork
  • Professional preparation of documents, offers, agreements, schedules, and all other paperwork
  • Handle the paperwork and close the deal